Very white two-piece suite. Short jacket with pronounced shoulders and pointy flaps. One white pearl middle button. Wide flare pants with two darts that end as the knees to empathise every single movement. Peaks slightly white gold chain _8/chain/.


Short practical white faux-fur cardigan with a very long belt. Extra high-waisted pants with no waistband. Two front pockets with a clean sexy back. Made in a shiny black “stripe textured” wool.


Long-sleeved black shirt in transparent silk. The sleeve has enough length so the cuff is always visible, designed for cufflinks but can be worn without. Matching in harmonious movement with the high-waisted tailored trousers in black satin mid-weight viscose from _10/vns/.


Gloves are used as an accessory which firmly compliments every look. Black soft lamb nappa. Regular fit with an unfinished raw edge cut. Made for an easy and comfortable fit. Designed in 2 different lengths.


Long extra light nappa jacket. Second-skin feeling due to no lining. Long belt to define the silhouette if so desired. No buttons to empathise the brightening leather's treatment. Wide straight cut cracked leather pants to match the look. Sexy yoke with just one back pocket.


Daily shirt in dark grey/blue, mottled in white and almost tie-dye cotton. Slightly cropped and boxy fit. Very pointy collar and natural black pearl buttons.


Pearl white regular briefs in cotton-elastane blend. Tight water-texturized black micro briefs.


48cm or 18,9 inches in diverse ways of unions forming a unique chain. Unions depend on individual taste. Every necklace is unique. Made in 925 silver and bathed and plated in rhodium, better known as white gold.


Very night suite. High crossed one button jacket with pronounced shoulder pads. High-waisted flare pants, modern 70’s silhouette. Very long semitransparent shirt made from transparent "second-skin" silk as seen in 9_/n_shirt. Contrasting different tonalities of black to create depths by layers.

Dear Lover, Your naked neck, your neck all naked is what I am condemned to think about today. We gripped hands so tightly under the table when I kissed you for the second time, we made a poet before you even knew my full name. Today I understand why when they speak of love the whole room turns silent; the whole room turns silent and everybody agrees that love can bend spoons. On the second night, you kissed away old bruises; you left my skin curious again. Do you remember when on the third day, the sand dried on our skins and in our hair, from under half-lazy eyes I watched patiently the sun’s last rays wrap themselves around your golden lips. I am condemned to think only of your naked hands on my naked neck. Your hands are the shape and weight of the confident hands of Greek sculptures.