Funny Games

The boy's gaze warmly and directly engages the viewer.
Photography by Alvaro Arisó styling Antonio Delgado.






Photography by Alvaro Arisó styling Antonio Delgado.


Lost property by Antonio Delgado

Love poem

Love poem from Olga Kotnowska.

All leather

The future

"The Future" by Arthur Fata behind Carlos Molina in pearl white briefs.

Kenyan colonial house

Kenyan colonial house representation in Madrid's city center. Denys is wearing the white suit, totally tailored for him. See more in _lookbook _/vws.

Dear Lover, Your naked neck, your neck all naked is what I am condemned to think about today. We gripped hands so tightly under the table when I kissed you for the second time, we made a poet before you even knew my full name. Today I understand why when they speak of love the whole room turns silent; the whole room turns silent and everybody agrees that love can bend spoons. On the second night, you kissed away old bruises; you left my skin curious again. Do you remember when on the third day, the sand dried on our skins and in our hair, from under half-lazy eyes I watched patiently the sun’s last rays wrap themselves around your golden lips. I am condemned to think only of your naked hands on my naked neck. Your hands are the shape and weight of the confident hands of Greek sculptures.